At One Life Community, we believe that children are a gift and blessing from God. Children not only hold one of the most significant places in the lives of parents, but they are also an essential part of the body of Christ. Because of this, we are committed to fully including children in the life of the church and helping parents to be the primary influences in discipling their children. 

OLC Kids Values

  • Discipleship-making parents: Parents are the primary disciple(rs) of their children.

  • Worshipping families: Families participate in the life of the church together with the goal of being equipped as one.

  • Gifted Contibutors: Children possess spiritual gifts that can contribute to the body.

  • Full Participants: Kids are valued members of the community.

  • Devoted Followers: By the grace of God, we desire to raise our children to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

OLC Kids Mission

To equip families to follow Jesus and engage in life together.


OLC Kids Practice

We do not have a separate children's ministry, but expect parents to coach their children at home and in House Church in order to participate in community. We are committed to providing resources and tools for parents to do this. We will also walk alongside parents in practical ways as they disciple their children at home and in the life of the church.

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We understand the nature of kids and we do not expect perfect children! In our communities, we desire to be understanding of where kids are at - wiggles and whispers are welcome!