Gospel People

The Gospel is our highest priority and impacts every aspect of our lives and

church. We are committed to the story of the life, death, and resurrection of

Jesus and aligning our story with it.



Loving Families 

We were created for life in community with others and with God. We are

committed to being honest in our weakness and vulnerable in our growth as we

appreciate, care for, and share life with one another.


Bold Faith Followers

God has commissioned us to be a people that live by faith and not by sight. We

will commit to listening to God first and actively following Him in uncertainty as

we trust Him to transform, guide, and provide.


Spirit-led Ambassadors

The Holy Spirit is an active presence in the life of every believer and the Church.

We will emphasize the role of the Spirit as we seek God first, follow His voice,

and employ His gifts in service to others.


Healthy Church 

We are concerned about the healthiness of the body over numerical growth. We

will intentionally strive to prioritize growing in spiritual maturity in every aspect

of our individual and church life.